I'm Charlie, a freelance artist/graphic designer. I studied Industrial Design at Georgia Institute of Technology and had the pleasure of graduating during a pandemic!

You'll find links to my socials and commission prices below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about commission openings or would like a quote. I'm totally willing to do off-menu items if you have an idea of what you want.

Working days are usually Monday–Friday. Timezone is EST.


Pixel icons [Full]

50x50 pixel art. Animated or static.
Click for more examples.


Pixel icons [Bust]

50x50 pixel art from the shoulders up. Animated or static.
Click for more examples.


Pixel Sprites

100x100 [starting size] pixel art.
Full-body by default, but can be shoulders up (same price).
Click for more examples.

Default Size$30
Larger Sizes$35+


Shoulders-up square icon. Will be stylized, may be simplified somewhat.


Sketch Icons

Square sketchy bust. Light rendering.

Sketch Icon$15


Larger stylized drawing. Includes shading/highlights.



Size varies. Monochromatic/grayscale by default.

Add Color+$5-10

Custom Designs

I'll work with you to create a custom design to your specifications. Different tiers have different levels of choice/artistic freedom.

BasicSketchy finish, 2–3 passes*.$30
LinedRef sheet finish, unlimited passes.$65
Add-onsAdd an extra view, items, outfits, etc.+$5-15

*Passes means I show you WIPs and you can request changes.

Pay What You Want

Give me a character and/or a prompt, and I'll make you something depending on how much you pay.

More $$$ = more effort.


Terms of Services.

Payment & Refunds

  • Payment is up front, via Paypal invoice. Work begins after payment is sent.

  • I do not give refunds on completed commission work.

  • If I have not started work on your commission for an extended amount of time (1+ months), I can provide a full refund upon request.

  • If I have started, but not completed, your commission, I can provide a 50% refund under extreme circumstances. Please let me know in advance.

  • Chargebacks will result in me blacklisting you from commissioning me indefinitely.

  • I am willing to make minor edits to completed commissions.


  • I reserve the right to deny any commission request that I feel I will not be able to complete suitably.

  • I prefer having a drawn (clean) reference image to work off of, but I am able to work off of images and writing in certain scenarios.

  • I don't work off of written descriptions alone.

  • I will draw humans, humanoids, furries, anthros, robots, etc..

  • I will not draw hateful content.


  • You are free to use your commissioned artwork as social media icons without credit or asking me.

  • You may upload work you commission from me onto your own social media accounts for sharing, but you must include credits to me.

  • You are free to complete/color sketch commissions, but you must credit me for the sketch if you choose to post it.

  • You may edit the background of commissions, but I prefer you do not alter the art itself. If edits are needed post-completion, I can make them for you.

  • My artwork may not be used for profit on physical goods (ex.– selling a shirt with my art on Redbubble).

  • You can purchase physical goods with your commissioned art on them for personal use.

  • If you would like to commission me for work that you intend to resale, you must mention this beforehand so I can adjust my prices accordingly.

  • Do not claim my work as your own.

  • I may use your commissioned artwork for promotion or in my portfolio. Please let me know in advance if you would like it to stay private.